Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre

Mallow Primary Healthcare

Vital Communications began working with The Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre in 2014.  Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre (MPHC) is a purpose built primary care centre which opened on May 4 th 2010. The building was built to the highest medical standard and is operated and managed to best international standards.

Situated on the outskirts of Mallow, at the crossroads of Munster, MPHC is home to 3 general practices, HSE services, South Doc out-of-hours service, North Cork Community Mental Health Service, pharmacy, optician and a cafe. Over 200 people are employed at the Centre.

In addition to these services the centre also offers many specialist services such as ophthalmology, cardiology, sports medicine, respiratory medicine, an ultrasound service, clinical psychology, physiotherapy, speech and language, sleep clinic, occupational medicine, dietetics and counselling. It also provides a number of nurse led clinics such as warfarin, cardiac, diabetes, respiratory, psoriasis, travel medicine, phlebotomy and venesection.

Vital Communications was engaged by the team at MPHC to assist it with its marketing activity.  Given the breadth of services on offer at Mallow, Vital Communications decided to perform an audit and developed a bespoke audit cycle for the centre.

The first stage of the cycle involved performing a survey on staff and patients at the Centre.  Patients coming in and out of the Centre and staff were surveyed over a three day period.  Following the survey the results were analysed and a detailed report including recommendations was presented to the team at MPHC.

A communications campaign was devised to communicate the services within the centre to its existing footfall and staff base.  This programme is in the process of being rolled out and the survey is due to be repeated in April 2015.


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